My name is Caleb Holland, I'm a filmmaker and storyteller. I'm passionate about documentary and commercial filmmaking. I graduated in November 2015 from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television, Cum Laude. 

As a commercial filmmaker, I've created commercial work for over five years. I worked with Vaden Automotive, a large automotive group in the southeast, for 3 years creating television commercials and ads for billboards, print media, and the web. I've also created campaigns for local government, and companies throughout the south. I learned the ins and outs of television production, and wrote, shot, produced, and edited most of these projects myself, often with a limited crew. 

My central commercial passion is fashion filmmaking. I've created films for well established and startup brands. I enjoy commercial fashion as a medium for engaging elements of storytelling, art, and creative expression. 

As a documentarian, I explore national and global issues on a personal scale. I've created short films about dance and youth, choice and regret, fashion and resilience, and most recently LGBTQ rights in the south. For my first feature length documentary film, 'Chasing Capri' (2017), I interviewed the president of the Human Rights Campaign, the mayor of Orlando, actress Shakina Nayfack, and trans activist Corey Maison. Self-funded and starting entirely from scratch, I sought out connections and captured history defining moments and deeply moving interviews. A clip of the film was featured on Mashable and has garnered half a million views. 

For me, film is a vehicle for creating human relationships and connecting people. Whether I'm creating a documentary or a commercial fashion film, the story will engage the audience, explore new ideas, and elevate the everyday.